The 40 Most Unique Pools From Around The World ⋆ BILLIONAIRES CLUB

The late comedian Mitch Hedberg had a joke about pools. He said, “I saw a commercial for an above-ground pool, it was 30 seconds long. Which makes sense to me, because that’s the maximum amount of time you can depict someone having fun in an above-ground pool.”
If the pools in your life have been, well, underwhelming, then perhaps it’s time that you opened your mind to the wide variety of stunning pools that are out there. Many resorts and hotels around the world have picturesque pools that serve as main attractions to jetsetters the world over.

Some of these pools offer stunning rooftop views of shimmering city skylines, while others allow you to get up close and personal with nature – there’s one pool on this list that practically doubles as a safari experience! Even more, like #8 on the list, there are pools that are expanding the very definition of what a pool is or can be. Have you ever seen a 20-acre pool before?

So, hop out of that above ground pool, dry off, and come take a look at these pools, which are without a doubt some of the most unique in the entire world. Who knows, maybe you’ll get the chance to take a dip in one of them on your next vacation!