How to Get Rid of Pet Odors and Stains

Regular Carpet Cleaning Helps with Air Quality

Did you know your floor coverings is quite air filter? It is. Carpets trap airborne particles and hold them there making indoor air cleaner. However a filter is only able to hold a lot before it stops working. In reality, walking for the period of dirty carpet actually releases a few of the trapped particles leading to airborne particles. Not good! That’s the reason it is very important vacuum carpets regularly and ideally perform a professional carpet extraction once the 6 months. Find professional carpet cleaners services near me.

Besides the horrible smell, pet urine and vomit could cause permanent damage to your carpet and tile and upholstery fabrics. Removal of stains and odors, whether or not from pets, kids, or perhaps a crazy weekend, is a science, and Sacramento Carpet Cleaning technicians are highly skilled in odor and urine removal. The pH of “fresh” urine is between 5 and 6, which is certainly on the acidic side. Once dried, urine becomes more alkaline, with a pH of 10 to 12. Fresh urine is easiest to clean. Prompt pack up is good, as warm, acidic urine breeds bacteria. Because the urine dries, the ammonia may cause an everlasting stain in your carpet or upholstery.

We Neutralize – Not Disguise it!

The odor and urine removal experts at Sacramento Carpet Cleaning will show you that water could in fact WORSEN the odor related to urine. For this reason animal owners experience stronger odors on humid days. Our Carpet Cleaning technicians will REMOVE pet urine stains and NEUTRALIZE the odors by finding specialized enzymes that enjoy the odor causing bacteria, and eliminating all the alkaline salt deposits that dried urine leaves.

Carpet Cleaning Extends The Life of Your Flooring Investment

Do you rub sand paper on your floor coverings? Of course not. However when sand and dirt are in carpeting, simply walking on the rug damages the fibers identical to sand paper would. The outcome frayed fibers along with a prematurely worn carpet. Protect your investment through frequent vacuuming and semi-annual deep carpet cleanings.

Have you acquired a stain on your carpeting, marble or couch? Before putting a wide range of solutions from bottles stored below your sink, call your carpets stain removal experts in Sacramento CA. Its not all stains are compatible, and never all solutions that is effective on them. Sacramento Carpet Cleaning continues to be in the industry of eliminating stains from carpets for many years, and then we fully acknowledge the science behind stains and effective removal of them. Simply call us and describe the kind and type of coverage your floor coverings stain, and then we’ll initiate and allow you to generated a solution.

A Way to Solve this Every Stain

Prior to using a commercial product that will damage the carpet or upholstery, call the professionals at Sacramento Carpet Cleaning. Stain removal this can be a science. The method needed for your carpet or upholstery cleaning is determined by the type of stain and the kind of fabric. Coffee stains must be treated differently than blood stains. Certain stain solutions could damage your carpet fibers. Call us the stain removal experts today for best results.

Call the Carpet Stain Removal Experts

While many furniture and carpeting fabrics are best cleaned by hot water extraction, others bleed and run when liquid cleaners are applied. These fabrics require special care. Whatever your carpet stain problems, you may trust in your floor and upholstery cleaning experts at SAC Carpet Cleaning to fix the problem. You can rest assured that our technicians have the knowledge and experience to eliminate the toughest stains and abandon the carpet and upholstery smelling fresh and looking out new again.